In 2000, we developed the standard of Beauty Management System,
in 2021, we strive to make a breakthrough in Inventory System.
Hoped that everyone of you can enjoy our results.

WeM Inventory System

Suitable for wholesale and trading company,
Best fit for company who want to integrate or develop online transactions

Price : HK$2,000 per user per 3 months
Special price : HK$1,800 per user per 3 months

above price valid until 31-Mar-2022
include 1 training session and conduct as the video meeting through Zoom (maximum 8 seats, value at $5,000)

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We allow documents date back input and realtime calculation of correct inventory value

- Weighted average or FIFO costing method
- Costing method is based on document date, not input date, to ensure correct cost calculation.
- Allow date back input documents and realtime update quantity and cost.
- Authorized person can amend the approved purchase price, even if the goods have been received or sold, they can also modify the purchase price, and the cost will be updated immediately
- Amended cost can be traced back on Purchase cost amendment report

Repack function in Inventory system

- In one interface, input negative quantity for products require repack, input positive quantity for finished products. Repack procedures can easily be recorded with correct quantity and value.

Inventory and related reports

- Purchase Order
- Goods Receipt   
- Adjustment   
- Consumption   
- Stock Transfer   
- Stock Take
- Import stock take records
- Repack   
- Safety Stock   
- Inventory cost - weighted average or FIFO costing method
- Vendor

- Stock Inquiry
- Stock Value Inquiry (costing method using weighted average or FIFO)
- Stock Value Inquiry (costing method using master cost, retail price and/or by lot)
- Product COGS report
- Goods receipt report
- Purchase cost amendment report
- Adjustment listing
- Consumption listing
- Transfer report
- Stock take variance report
- Inventory in out report
- Inventory movement report by retail value and cost value
- Inventory movement report by FIFO
- Slow movement product report
- Inventory aging report
- Purchase order listing
- Vendor master (display at Master report)

Sales and related reports

- Sales Invoice
- Receivables and Settlement
- Standard invoice A4, A5, A5 Portrait, with company logo (logo image provided by client)
- Delivery note
- Invoice Search   
- Invoice remark
- User defined autogen invoice number sequence   
- Reference invoice number
- Exchange Invoice
- Back Order and Collection
- Promotion message at Invoice   

- Invoice Journal     
- Item sales listing( 6 reports - by nature, brand, promotion code, analysis code, Client and division)
- Item sales report (6 reports - by nature, brand, promotion code, analysis code, Client and division)
- Best selling item report     
- Item sales discount report     
- Client receivables payment report     
- Client backorder status report     

Client and related reports

- Client record NewViewEditDelete   
- Standard Client fields   
- Client fields display setup   
- Unlimited user defined fields, fields can be displayed as text box, check box and radio button   
- Client record input control   
- New Client duplication check   
- Client Basic Search   
- Client Advanced Search   
- Client comment   
- Add comment to multiple Client
- Client comment analysis
- Print Client label   
- Client documents
- Active Inactive Client Search
- Client Statistics
- Letter to Client
- Client record amendment history   
- Group Client   

- Client record report
- Client spending report
- Client report writer

Online shopping functions in Inventory system

- Main page - company, promotion information      
- Interactive promotion information (get clients, get orders)
- Online Shopping      
- Consultation (Consultation after member login, non-member consultation, receive questions and follow-up)
- Login - Member login、Become a member、Forgot password      
- Member personal information, change password, email log

Staff leave and sign-in in Inventory system

- Staff Master      
- Staff Shift
- Holiday / Rest day
- Statutory Holiday
- Public Holiday
- Staff Leave
- Send email to assigned person after leave application, approved, rejected and cancelled
- Multiple Approved Staff Leave
- Staff Roster
- Staff Sign in - input staff code and password sign in

- User group access rights report
- Staff master report
- User login history report
- Leave report
- Staff attendance report
- Staff missing punch card report
- Staff attendance summary report

System control

- Access control with login and password
- Full access rights control
- Display or not display product cost control
- Password policy

More exciting function features to be launched.......................