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Price : $140,000

First payment $20,000, balance payment to be paid by 20 installment for every 6 months at $6,000 each. (Installment pay after 3 months)
Above price valid till 31-Dec-2021.
include 8 concurrent users (value at $5,000*8)
include 1 training session per shop and conduct as the video meeting through Zoom (maximum 8 seats, value at $5,000)
include 3 months server rental (value at $12,000 per half year)
include 3 months system maintenance, upgrade and telephone support (value at $7,000 per half year)
Enquiry and support : (852) 2520-5128   or   cs@hkb2b.com.hk

Billing items

Membership is a group of priviledges or services granted to purchased member in a specific period of time.

Properties of membership :-
- Allow hold, on leave, extend, expired, exchange and renew membership
- Allow membership to be sold at selected shop or all shops
- Allow sold membership to be used at selected shop or all shops
- Allow members who have purchased membership to enroll a limited number of lessons within membership period
- Allow members who have purchased membership to enroll a limited number of lessons within every specified period, e.g. 5 lessons per week
- Lesson can be fixed, can be flexible (e.g. all yoga lessons and dance lessons), or all lessons.
- Allow limit member in out count within membership period.
- Allow limit member in out count within every specified period, e.g. 5 count per week.
- Allow membership start date by invoice date, first date of invoice next month, service start date or a specified date.
- Allow membership start date to be amended at invoice.

Other billing items :-
- Class - can be enrolled by member or non member by payment, can be enrolled by non member for trial lesson, can also be enrolled by members who have purchased membership.
- Product - a tangible item of goods which will update inventory automatically after transactions confirmed.
- Deposit - value that can be used in the club. Deposit may be acquired free of charge because of other purchases or may be acquired by direct purchases.
  Direct purchases can be purchased one-on-one or at a discount.
  If member use free acquired deposit to purchase product, product sales value will be $0.
  If member use discount purchased deposit to purchase product, product sales value will adjusted in pro-rata basis.
- Gift certificate - Deposit is purchased for own use. Gift certificates have the same properties as deposit but gift certificate is purchased for other members.
- POS item - billing item with no special properties, for invoicing only. Normally use for handling charge or F&B items.
- Promotion suite - a multi-dimensional billing item. Use only one item code to include different combinations of the above billing items for easy invoicing.

Reports :-
- Membership hold report
- Membership on leave report
- Membership extension report
- Membership expired report
- Monthly membership lapsed report
- Monthly membership lapsed payment report
- Membership outstanding report
- PT session used report
- PT session summary report
- Membership transaction report
- POS Item master
- Deposit master
- Promotion Suite master
- Product master
- Item master
- Item price master
- Volume discount master


- Member record new, view, edit, delete
- Standard member fields
- Member fields display setup
- Unlimited user defined fields, fields can be displayed as text box, check box and radio button
- Member record input control
- New member duplication check
- Member basic search (selected fields)
- Member advanced search (all fields)
- Member comment - Record important matters that staff should be aware when servicing the member
- Add comment to multiple member - Input same comment to more than one member by one action
- Member comment analysis
- Print Member label
- Member statistics - use graph to display member distribution
- Member record amendment history
- Group member - If one member mistakenly create two member code, group member function can combine the transactions of the two member code into one

Reports :-
- Member record report
- Member report writer

Counter check In

- after input member code, system will display member photo, member name and member group
- can view member details and document
- can view member purchased membership and products
- can view member all enrolled lessons
- can do check in and check out, enrol group lesson and enrol private lesson for members
- can do membership extension and upgrade for member
- can view, edit and new member comment
- display member unpaid records, can press [pay school fees] to pay outstanding amount
- When check in, will according to member purchased membership, check whether member have entrance rights
- will display check in day lesson and complete lesson check in
- can record member locker and loan out items


- Cashier Invoice
- Member Application Form
- Installment and Settlement
- Invoice Search
- Allow send invoice to member by email
- Item discount, invoice discount, member discount, volume discount and total discount
- Invoice remark
- Unlimited self defined payment method
- User defined autogen invoice number sequence
- Reference invoice number
- Exchange Invoice
- Back Order and Collection
- Cash Closing
- Promotion message at invoice
- Locker rental - Member can rent, renew and terminate locker
- Member deposit account
- Member membership account - in out record and lesson enrolled and used record

Reports :-
- Invoice Journal
- Item sales listing (8 reports - by nature, brand, promotion code, analysis code, shop, member, division and sales)
- Item sales report (8 reports - by nature, brand, promotion code, analysis code, shop, member, division and sales)
- Promotion suite sales listing
- Promotion suite sales report
- Best selling item report
- Item sales discount report
- Member installment payment report
- Member Installment transactions report
- Member backorder status report
- Member account report


- Lesson Calendar - daily by tutor, daily by classroom, Weekly & Monthly
- User defined information to be displayed in time slots of the calendar, such as lesson name, tutor, classroom, lesson quota, no. of remaining seats, etc.
- Lesson full alert
- Member with overdue amount alert
- Lesson calendar is available for view, print and export to excel
- Schedule lesson at weekly calendar
- Allow class lesson and individual lesson at lesson calendar
- Allow multiple tutor or multiple classroom for one lesson
- Allow no tutor or no classroom for lesson
- Member admission for class lesson
- Member admission for private training lesson
- Lesson admission control - Not allow member usage of unpaid lesson; Not allow admission lesson if member has X time absent / cancel lesson record within X day
- Print membership admission slip
- Cancel admission
- Cancel admission control - Not allow cancel past admission; Not allow cancel same day admission within X hours
- Waiting list admission
- Trial lesson admission
- Allow remove lesson for lesson without admission
- Edit, change and split lesson
- Re-schedule all lessons in one day to another date

Change lesson
- Member change lesson and undo change lesson
- Change lesson log
- According to member group, can setup maximum change lesson times

Manual check in
- allow check in, undo check, late check in and mark absent record in bulk

Reports :-
- Lesson master
- Class template master
- Class master
- Class attendance report
- Lesson attendance report
- Member attendance report
- Class enrolment report
- Active and inactive member report
- Class commencement report
- Class revenue report
- Class utilisation summary
- Lesson revenue report
- Class member details report
- Member expected attendance report


- Goods Receipt
- Adjustment
- Consumption
- Stock Transfer
- Shop Request
- Transfer Order
- Stock Take
- Import stock take record
- Repack
- Safety Stock
- Purchase Order
- Vendor
- Inventory costing using weighted average or FIFO

Reports :-
- Stock Inquiry
- Stock Value Inquiry (costing method using weighted average or FIFO)
- Stock Value Inquiry (costing method using master cost, retail price and/or by lot)
- Product COGS report
- Goods receipt report
- Purchase cost amendment report
- Adjustment listing
- Consumption listing
- Transfer order report
- Transfer report
- Stock take variance report
- Inventory in out report
- Inventory movement report by retail value and cost value
- Inventory movement report
- Slow movement product report
- Inventory aging report
- Purchase order listing
- Vendor master (Master report)


- Promotion Code
- Analysis Code
- Member referrals program
- Bonus Point Scheme
- Cash Dollar Scheme
- Contact member - Arrange colleagues to follow up members; colleagues record the content and progress of follow up; Managers monitor the follow up progress; follow up statistic by colleagues

Reports :-
- Promotion master (Master report)
- Member referral record report
- Member bonus point report
- Contact campaign analysis by campaign
- Contact campaign analysis by shop
- Contact campaign analysis by sales
- Contact campaign analysis by member


- Staff Master
- Staff Shift
- Holiday / Rest day
- Statutory Holiday
- Public Holiday
- Staff Leave
- Send email to assigned person after leave application, approved, rejected and cancelled
- Staff Roster
- Staff Sign in

Reports :-
- User group access rights report
- Staff master report
- User login history report
- Leave report
- Staff attendance report
- Staff missing punch card report
- Staff attendance summary report


- Sales Commission Report
- Monthly membership lapsed payment report by sales commission
- PT session summary report by sales commission
- Tutor Salary Calculations

Invoice receipt

A4, A5 or 80mm with company logo (logo image provided by client)
- Cashier invoice
- Settlement invoice
- Exchange return invoice
- Collection invoice

System control

- Access control with login and password
- Full access rights control
- Control of staff void invoice
- Shop manager discount password
- Display or not display product cost control
- Company Announcement
- Shop access right
- Wareshouse access right
- Document closing to disable users' input in closed period
- Shop fixed IP
- Deny access from unauthorized computer

System short cuts

- Today birthday member
- Apply own leave
- Today on leave staff
- Approve leave
- Staff leave calendar
- Counter check in / check out

Mobile system functions

- Member application form
- Member record amendment form
- Member survey form
- Member consent form
- New member, search member, edit member
- Today birthday member
- Search invoice
- Business performance
- Company announcement
- Approve leave
- Staff leave calendar
- Inventory status inquiry
- Inventory availability inquiry
- Inventory transaction inquiry
- Transfer in
- Transfer in search
- Apply own leave
- File pool

Member online booking

Main Page
- Small logo at top right corner
- Login, Book lesson, Booked lesson, Completed lesson and Questions
- Display multiple company's news

- can setup multiple company news and upload photo
- News will display on main page
- Member press the news to display message content

Book lesson
- Lesson details include Date, time, lesson, tutor, available and location
- Default display today all lesson and all time, available to change

Booked lesson
- Display member booked record but not yet attended
- Allow member cancel booking under the cancel rules

Completed lesson
- Display member attended record
- Lesson details include date, time, lesson, tutor and location

- Member input login and password to login system
- Handle forgot password case
- Member can provide login, telephone and email, system send the login and password to Member by email